Green Building Education in New York

We offer Green Building Education in New York in the form of in-person workshops. In addition, our training is available 24/7 in the form of an online course. We also offer companies and organizations in New York NY the opportunity to host a green building workshop.


Commercial Design & Construction:  Green Advantage®

: Looking to gain an overall understanding of the Green Building Design and Construction process? Consider attending our  Green Advantage® workshop. This full day program presents LEED® specific construction related concepts which are beneficial to both the contractor and design professional, by “connecting the LEED® dots” throughout the building process.The goal of the training is to explain and enforce the core concepts and construction principles behind sustainable buildings, integrate green practices and strategies into construction processes and, become knowledgeable enough about the LEED® rating system, as it applies to construction, to support the design team and building owner throughout the construction process.This workshop includes segments of our Fundamentals of Sustainability I and qualifies for 7.5 LEED® specific credentialing hours for both BD&C and ID&C disciplines, 8 CES credits for AIA, and 8 PDH units for registered professional engineers.

“Talk the Talk” Sessions: Resource Dynamics/Green Building Education offers two-hour mini sessions designed to enhance your sustainability knowledge and sales abilities in the green market place.  We’ll teach you the LEED® best practices for presenting products and how your newly discovered product knowledge will assist you in supporting the design and construction teams and gaining market share.  Our trainers will help you learn what you need to know to present that information and succeed in the building design and construction community.

Building the Green Home:  Residential Green Advantage®: Green Building Education has developed a training program, “Building the Green Home,” which is beneficial for not only contractors and trades-people in the residential building construction industry, but also for developers and homeowners. The Residential program was developed through collaboration between home builders/developers and crafts persons. This curriculum is essentially industry specific to new construction, but also contains aspects of renovation/additions and modular/manufactured housing. Attendees will learn about current ratings systems and and the categories of rating systems and tools. They will also gain an understanding of the prescriptive systems that assign points to various conservation features, computational systems which use tools to estimate energy consumption and performance systems that assess the energy efficiency ratings based on past fuel consumption. The extent of field validation/verification of individual systems and tools is discussed. An overview of the use and implementation of a home energy rating systems; LEED®, Green Globes®, NAHB®, Energy Star, RESNET®, HERS® is also included. The Residential program meets the same high standards as our commercial offering and can adequately prepare the attendee for many of the industry’s certification tests.

Green Building for Code Officials: Green building methodologies are well on their way to becoming the standard for new construction and the rehabilitation of buildings and homes. No longer a passing fad, states and municipalities as well as both public and private entities are reaping the benefits of going green. Green Saves Safely™ will prepare code officials, building inspectors, elected officials, planners, and design and construction professionals to recognize and understand green building elements and systems. The seminar begins by defining green building, introducing key principles and an exploration of building components: Site, Resource Efficiency, Energy and Renewables, Water Efficiency, and Indoor Environmental Quality. Attendees will be shown the most current and leading edge construction products and techniques. In the second half of Green Saves Safely™, participants learn about the next generation of green buildings, examples include: Living Buildings, Carbon and Water Neutral, and Passive Survivability. The next section, “Integrating Green into the Regulatory Process” addresses green building as it relates to the I-codes, the NEC, NFC and NSPC. Course instructors will demonstrate how code and code official’s play a role in tackling the most challenging environmental and national security issues. The day concludes with an overview of national green building and energy programs; building and employee certifications; and finally Federal Policy and Incentives for energy and green initiatives.

Green Associate

: This two session course will provide an overview of the LEED Green Associate credentialing process, as well as give helpful tips and resources for passing the exam. LEED Green Associate is the first step in obtaining a LEED AP specialization under the new LEED v3.  This course will review logistics of taking the exam, including format and content, provide tips on how to prepare for the exam, and provide you with sample questions. No course can provide “all the answers to the exam” and in order to pass you will still need to spend additional study time outside this review course in order to prepare for the exam.

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green-building-training-new-yorkONLINE TRAINING

Green Advantage® Commercial Training is now available online, on demand. The training covers all the content of our in-person workshop, presented by two faculty members, representing both design and construction perspectives. The program is divided into modules, each approximately 50 minutes long, that you can select and access individually in the order of presentation or as needed for review purposes. The training includes review questions at the end of each section to confirm your understanding of that module.

Registrants will have 24 hour / 7 day a week access to the training program for a 30 day period from the date of registration. An accompanying workbook will be mailed to participants within 2-4 days of registration for the online training.

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If you don’t see a date on our calendar of events that meets your needs, consider hosting a workshop. Public Green Building Education workshops may be hosted by a single organization or company, or by a combination of companies and are advertised to the general public. Private Green Building Education workshops may be sponsored by single organizations or companies, or by a combination thereof. Contact us today for more information about how to host a workshop in your city. We’d love to come to New York!

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